About us
PSIANIMAL is the Portuguese Association of Behavior Therapy and Animal Welfare created by a group of professionals with a strong interest in the fields of behavior and animal welfare. Albeit recent, its founders had been   longing for a while to contribute to the divulgation and development of animal behavior therapy and well-being, in Portugal.
Throughout these years, we gathered a multidisciplinary team built of veterinarians, biologists, ethologists, psychologists, anthropologists, among many other professionals, with a common purpose: to build a robust animal welfare and behaviour association, widely recognised within our country as well as abroad. PSIANIMAL’s goals are diverse.
We aspire to leverage our research and training to support public and private associations and take part of regulatory project and activities related to animal welfare and behaviour therapy, as well as collaborate with schools to promote the existence of behavioural problems, and provide prophylactic measures.
PSIANIMAL intends to enhance and communicate the presence of this field of science which is still very little known in Portugal. Fortunately, the growing demand among general and academic population, strengthened our belief in this association. We aim at supporting all those which investigate on animals, collaborate and help in publishing articles which may contribute to spread knowledge in the behaviour therapy and animal welfare field, and finally promote all sorts of knowledge exchange between national and international entities either on training, or practice.