About us

PSIANIMAL - Portuguese Association of Behavior Therapy and Animal Welfare is an association created by a group of professionals with a deep interest in the area of behavior and animal welfare. Despite its recent creation, the founders of this project there were very desirous of being able to contribute to the promotion and development of behavior therapy and well-being in animals (non humans) in Portugal.

Throughout these years, and to consolidate our wishes and objectives met a multidisciplinary team consisting of veterinarians, biologists, ethologists, psychologists, anthropologists, among many other professionals, all having a common purpose: the achievement of a strong association with Portuguese national projection and international behavior and animal welfare. The targets proposed by PSIANIMAL are diverse.

We aspire, through our research and teaching, to become a national entity in quality which could support, on several fronts, public and / or private and may also participate in projects to regulate activities related to the well-being animal and behavioral therapy, as well as collaborating with the school / the school to publicize the existence of behavioral problems, and provide prophylactic measures.

PSIANIMAL intends to enhance and publicize the richness of this area is still very little desenvolvidaem Portugal. Fortunately, the growing demand among the population in general and academic strengthened our belief in the imperative need of an association. We would like to do so, support those who develop research in animals (not humans), collaborate and help in editing publications that might contribute to the dissemination of knowledge in the area of behavioral therapy and animal welfare, and finally promote any exchange of knowledge and experiences between national and international organizations both in terms of training, both in terms of professional practice.